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Friday, June 17, 2011

New York 2011- Part One

So I had a trade show in NYC this month and Jen was lucky to come along and make it a workcation. We had a lot of fun and there is so much to see that we didn't even scratch the surface. We are glad to be home though!

Our hotel was in Time Square and this seems great but every time we walked out the front of the hotel there were a ton of people and also guys trying to sell you stuff. Next time I will be staying off Broadway. (although I did a little dance just so I can say I performed on Broadway!!)

This was my favorite part of NYC, Central Park. It was so nice and you didn't even know you were in one of the biggest cities in the world once you stepped inside. There was a ton to see and do. We spent two hole days walking through the whole thing.

Jen is sitting on one of the huge rock formations in the park. This is what the landscape would have looked like before the city and this foundation allows them to build all these huge buildings. This is one of the few pictures Jen would pose for, but she is so beautiful I had to get one.

We went looking for the temple and at first we couldn't find it right away because it seriously blends in with the buildings around until we saw the Moroni right on top. Right below it and to the left of the picture is an art gallery.

This is a statue that was in the plaza of the twin towers. When they came down they went in to the plaza and it was still sitting there. It has damage but mostly its still the same so they moved it to a park and lit a flame. It was pretty cool.

Friday, April 8, 2011

April in Utah

I thought that since everyone was sharing their spring pictures I would share a picture from this morning the 8Th of April just to show off our lovely spring.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine cookies

So for Christmas Jen got a cookie machine that you put the cookie dough in and then put a shaper on the end and it squirts out certain shape cookies. Well she decided to make heart cookies for Valentine's day and some came out great....
The some came out shaped differently, in fact they seem to resemble something else that can be attributed to a Male's body. (pic below)When I came home Jen thought it was the funniest thing in the world, I cant seem to eat one though. Its just wrong!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rome part 2

The second day in Rome was a half day, we needed to catch the train to Milan at 3pm and honestly the trains here in Europe are wonderful. We went to the Coliseum (which we could see from our hotel) and the forum. This was so impressive and I really wish I could see it when it was at its peak.

I tried taking two photos of the area and put the together I overlapped some but you get the idea

The side of the Coliseum the holes are where they chipped the exterior away to use for other buildings mostly in St Peter's square

this was the floor those ruins were put in 10 years after it was originally built before then it was hallow and could be filled with water to reenact ship battles.
Closer look at the ruins under the floor

a view from the top of the Forum

This was called "The Arena" not sure what it was used for.
I thought this ruin was cool looking

one of the buildings from the forum

Monday, January 24, 2011

AWW Roma

Italy part 1:

This week I had a meeting in Italy for my work, the meetings were in Milan, and so we decided to fly into Rome before taking the train into Milan. Rome is Aw some!!! I have pictures of the Vatican below, there will be other parts coming later.

This bowl is made up from a stone that no longer exists on earth it costs over 100 million dollars (saying this with my pinkie at my lips)

This was stolen from Egypt well taken I guess the Vatican cant steal.

Yep this is a dog feeding kids, I think it is a symbol of Rome of Cesar I cant remember my college class.

This was the palace of Stalin

I loved this ceiling, it was covered by paintings

The blue stone from this floor is from Haily's comet

This casket is made up from the same stone that the basin is made from.

This is a figure of the battle at Troy, this guy tried telling the Greeks that the horse was a trap and was dragged down by snakes sent by some god.

This is Apollo he had a bow originally, he has been castrated by one of the popes when he was offended by all the nudity in the Vatican so he took a hammer to all the male models

St Peters square, the square was built with stone from the coliseum

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mayson's baptism

So my oldest girl turned 8 and that means it is time for her to do something special in our family, get baptized. She was so excited leading up to the day and then when it arrived she was jumping all around. Our time spot was the last at 4:00 pm and an unusual occurrence she was the only one from our ward getting baptized so it was a very special day. Thanks for all the friends and family that made the trip, you made It very special for Mayson.

This is her pose, so grown up.

This is with Jen's grandpa and father with all the girls.

Both great grandparents, Mayson is lucky to have two Great grand fathers and two great grandmothers still with us.

I like this picture.

A neighbor made this cake for Mayson, it tasted great too.

Getting her first scriptures.

Opening her presents, thanks for everyone that got something for her she was so surprised.

Jordan with Aunt Becky and Uncle Craig.

My grandparents talking to Jen's dad.

We had a full house, it was so much fun.

My wife can throw a party