Monday, March 22, 2010

Moab Madness

So this last weekend we went to Moab for my first ½ marathon. We arrived at Uncle Ken and Aunt Jan’s house late Thursday and we are so grateful that they had us over. It was great staying with them they took suck great care of us and Ashlynne became Uncle Ken’s best friend, she wouldn’t leave his side. Even when we were at their home and he was playing cards she would be watching TV right beside him. Saturday was the day with the most action. I woke up early and caught the first bus for the starting line. The buss dropped us off around 7:30 am and the race didn’t start till 10:00. It was about 32 degrees so I had to stand around that time freezing waiting for the race to start. I wish I would have brought the camera with me on the race and took some photos because almost 4 thousands runners together is an impressive sight. It took me 2 hours and 18 minutes to run the 13.4 miles. My goal was 2 hours and 15 minutes and I was on track till mile 10 when I hit this big hill (who puts a big hill at mile 10 anyways) this delayed me some but all and all I am happy with the run. Kory I’ll call you alter I have some advice with things I learned. Then I took a couple hours to shower eat and take a quick nap and it was back to the arches. We were going to hike delicate arch but there were too many people so we decided to hike landscape and double Os. The total hike distance was just over 4 miles and with three little girls needless to say daddy slept great that night. Below are the pictures enjoy I know I did.
Ashlynne by Uncle Ken
Mayson and Jordan enjoying the view

A rare picture of elusive beautiful wife

The view from the top..breath taking

This is my fav arch landscape they say it will fall in my lifetime

The girls at the windows

I look beat, but you try running 13 miles
trail up to the arches

Doing my civic duty to help maintain the park

Me and my girls