Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brown, Porn Porn, Warrior

When Josh and Sally came to visit we took an afternoon to visit our local aquarium, the cost of a year long membership is just double a daily pass so we went ahead and bought a year membership. Well yesterday we decided to go back and visit to make out money worth it. Well Mayson had one of her great quote days. At the aquarium there is a boat that the kids can pretend to drive. There was a Latino family at the boat when we first arrived and Ashlynne was trying to jump ahead and Mayson tells her in a very loud voice "Ashlynne we have to wait for the brown kid first" Yep that was fun. Then we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Mayson is learning to read so she wanted to order for herself. Our Oriental Waiter came up to our table and she looked up and said "wow, are you on ninja warrior". For those of you that don't know ninja warrior is a Japanese obstacle game show we watch. Well after some explanation she proceeded to order. She looked down at the menu and said "Ill have your Porn Porn". Now she meant the wonderful dish of Pon Pon but for some reason she put a "r" in there. (I promise mom she does not hear this from us) So anyways it was a quotable night for all.