Monday, August 20, 2012

Camping 2012

 So this past weekend we did our annual family camping trip, we go up with my friend Bryan and his family and this year we went to Redman campgrounds. It was an awesome time and the campground has everything that Jen requires a bathroom and running water. One afternoon we had extra whipped cream in a can and Jen introduced this game where to spray a glob on the back of your hand and someone else tries to catch it in their mouth.
The glob just leaving the back of my hand

In mid flight
Mayson got some in her mouth

This is silver lake it was beautiful up there, I want to own a cabin up big cotton wood so many hikes and things to see

This is doughnut falls the water falls right into that hole in the rock and comes out below.

The hike up was a little wet and dangerous so I only let Mayson come up with me, the the sadness of Ashlynne and Jordan.

It was a fun time and we would love to have anyone else come out next year and join us, hint hint!