Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy Mayson

These past couple of weeks has been pretty busy for Mayson. She started soccer on Saturday and after went to get her ears pierced. Then on Monday she started school, below is a visual representation of these events.

My cute girl going to school

She looks so much older with her ears pierced even though her face doesnt show it she was so brave

Off to school off to school to prove to dad that I'm no fool

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Duck, Tooth, and Missionary

Well I will start off with the tooth, Mayson lost her first tooth this week and it was funny how it happened. It was very loose but she would not let me pull it (I was going to do the dad thing and say I would do it on three and then pull on twoJ). So she was eating a carrot and ran to me and said “Dad my tooth is gone and I ate it”. She was upset because she was looking forward to putting it under her pillow. Jenn had her draw a picture of it and put that under and low and behold the fairy did come. Then for family home evening we decided to go to the library (Beau, a library is a place you can borrow books for free just in case you didn’t know) well there is a duck pond there so we had fun feeding them. Then lastly Jenny’s brother JC came home from his mission and the girls were real excited to see him until they actually did and then things were overwhelming for them, but it was good to see him.

Jordan ate more bread then the ducks!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well Mayson is 5 and Ashlynne is 3 and I thought it was time that they experienced camping, so I brought the idea up with my friend Bryan and with three of his kids we all went camping. We left work early on Friday and got packed up and headed up to Mantua. I was going to borrow my in-laws tent but it was nowhere to be found so I bought one before heading up. When we got to the camp ground it was a nice place although the camp was really packed and it felt crowded. All in all it was fun though as we did all the things I did when I was young; smores, cane fishing, bows and arrows. The only down falls were the tent and that night. The tent was impossible to set up Bryan and I were pouring over the picture instructions all the time trying to keep an eye out on the 5 little kids, but we got it in a tent form and then I realized that I’m too old to sleep on the ground eeek.