Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Rumble is Sin City!

Ok, so everyone is curious about this story with Jen at the concert, so I thought I would do a blog and explain the story. Jen has a favorite band called Brand New, that are a Indy band that I’m sure you have not heard of. (Unless you have guitar hero 5 which they have a song present) Brand New just came out with a new album and tour dates and one of those dates was here is Salt Lake. So the day that tickets went on sale Jen got us some. She was so excited to see them but the night before the concert the cancelled it because the whole band had the flu. Jen was devastated, she felt like she lost her chance to see them. Well it just so happens that they were also playing in Vegas a couple of weeks later. So I used my skyline miles and Hilton points and planned a secret trip to Vegas. I put the tickets in a box and gave it to her the day before we left. I had her mom in on it for babysitting and I worked very hard to keep the secret (something I’m not good at). Well she was shocked and we flew down to Vegas to enjoy the show.
We got to the show very early and got very close to the front. We enjoyed the opening two bands without too many issues and even though I have shrunk in size I’m still a large chap and get crowded easily and the closer it came for Brand New the more crowed I became. Then the time came when Brand New appeared on stage and Jen got into this nirvana state with a please grin on her face and that made me very happy to see. Then they started to play and their first song starts off slow and then they change the pace to intense. Well when this happened there was a black girl and her white friend that decided that they wanted up front and plowed past Jen. My sweet wife reached up grabbed that black girl’s hair (not something that most people are brave enough to do) and got her in a head lock. I was stunned, frozen in place. Then the black girl reached back and elbowed my wife in the eye and that broke me out of my stooper. I reached across Jen and lifter the other girl and not so gently placed her behind us. She then started to pound on my arm as I was holding her back. The bouncers started to flash their lights at us but quickly saw that I was just holding back a psycho and escorted her out. My wife turned back to the stage and started to grin again as nothing happened. The show was great after that and we had a great time being together just the two of us. It does make for a great story and now you know why I love my wife so, she has layers like Shriek.